Great Ideas

A rediculously long list of other people's tutorials and ideas I'd love to try out....

For the kids:
Fiskars: On The Go Car Activity Mat or Car Mat or Toys on the Go
On the Go Activity Book
Belle Dress
Monster Shirt
Chef Hat and Apron
Sandwich/Snack Bags
Beanbags or Alphabet Beanbags
Aqua Velvet Dress
Baby Sunsuit
90 Minute Shirt
Library Tote
Floor Cushion
Tutu Pettiskirt
Circle Skirt
Toddler Headboard
Hooded Beachtowel Backpack
Mod Sailor Dress
Mermaid Tail
Lumberjack Hat
Fabric Covered 3 Ring Binder
Cinderella Dress
Prince Charming Costume
Witch Bag
Bones Costume
Funky Fleece Hat
Fish Fleece Hat
Reversible Baby Bonnet
Fabric Dollhouse
Faux Chenille Blanket
Fleece Creatures
Lazy Days Skirt
Doll Changing Pad and Accessories
Fluffy Pettiskirt
Toddler Backpack or Toddler Backpack
Button Ruffle Scarf
Lunch Sack
Build-A-Fort Kit or Deluxe Fort Kit
Travel Checkers Mat
Crib Book/Toy Holder
Hair Clips
Tiny Dancer Bag
Owl Softie and Carrier
Sleepover Pillowcase
Felt Cake or Felt Cake
Boy Hat and Blanket
Rainbow People
Snack Bandolier
Bow Tie
Covered Notebooks
Crayon Monster Bag
Diaper/Wipes Clutch
Dinosaur Hoodie
Dragon Tails
Pillow Talk or Love/Mice Pillows
Fabric Menus
Dress-up Slippers
Kids Messenger Bag or Boy Messenger Bag
Pieced Pants
Peek-a-Boo Toy Sack and Vinyl Toy Bags
Retro Duffel
Skirt with Built-In Shorts
Toy Snakes
Taggie Blocks
Princess Pea Blanket
Fishing Hole
Flower Petal Pillows
Trinket Keepers
Blanket to Backpack
Sleeping Beauty Softie Doll

I love this idea for a little girls' party:
Make a Dolly Party

For me:
Patchwork Pincushion
Shower Curtain
Camera Swing
Journal Jars
Lil Cutie Pouches
Wasp Bag
Pincushion Organizer
DIY Jewelry and Jersey Necklace
Decorated Switchplates
Decorative Thumbtacks
Ear Warmers
Ruffled Rose Pillow
Rosette Pillow
Table Runner
Loopy Flowers or Flower
Clothespin Wreath
Hand Sanitizer Holder
Boxed In Quilt
Cathedral Window
mp3 Player Fabric Sling
Family Rules Sign or Family Creed Sign
P.S. I Love You (Embroidery)
Pleated Purse
Glass Etching
Silhouette Dust Cover
Cutie Pie Giftwrap
Easter Eggs
Pieced Word Potholders
Buttercup Bag
Stroller/Messenger Bag
Scripture Cover
Cupcake Gift
Tote Bag
ZigZag Quilt
Organizing Tote
Elf Embroidery
Tissue Cozy

For the Hubs:
Dread Pirate Roberts Costume

My Go-To Bag tutorial:
Box Bag

How to stencil with Freezer Paper