January 31, 2013

Pencil Case

It really has become my go-to gift.  The kids love them, and I'm hoping that the parents love that they're a small addition to any child's arts and crafts drawer.

So be forewarned....if you invite us to a birthday party and I haven't already made one for you....it's cooooommmmmiiiiiinnnnggggg......

January 28, 2013

18" Doll Apron

Whenever I visit family with kiddos, especially around the holidays, I try to bring along a little something handmade.  This year, it was doll aprons.  3 for a friend and one for my big girl.  Gotta love those 18-inch dolls!

The pattern is Simplicity 2465:

And who doesn't love chili peppers!

At some point I'm hoping to make my daughter an apron to match her doll....but only time will tell if that project gets finished.

January 24, 2013

Travel Pillowcases

So I actually made something for my two little ones!  We travel a ton, so I'm pretty excited to try out our new travel pillowcases.  I had made one previously as a gift and loved how it turned out.

They are HUGE.  Certainly big enough for pillows, jammies, stuffed animals, and books.  And I love the zipper pocket on one side.  I let the kids choose their own fabrics, so they're thrilled with the results as well.