August 31, 2011

In Work...

Although it may seem, due to my lack of posting, that I haven't been very crafty lately, I assure you that is not correct!  I have been sewing up a storm - but since everything I'm working on is either a surprise or a gift of some sort....I can't share it - yet!  Yesterday I did get a good start on another pair of dollies though.  I really can't make enough of these babies!  Hopefully I'll finish them up today and send them off tomorrow.  We shall see!

August 23, 2011

Little Man

What a blast I have had sewing up this little outfit for my little man!

Thankfully we already had the black pants, so I just whipped up the top pieces.  Tux shirt, bowtie, and suspenders.

For the bowtie and suspenders, I followed this tutorial from Make it and Love it. Shockingly easy, and uber cute.  Gotta love that!

The tux shirt didn't take much more time than the bowtie/suspenders, surprisingly.  I have been hording an old tux shirt of my husband's for just this very thing!  I used one of Little Guy N's button-down shirts as a pattern and went to town.  I put cuffs on the arms, and sewed those great black buttons right onto the shirt.  The shirt itself is sewn halfway up - the top two button locations are actually held together by velcro.  Makin' it easier on Mama!

I LOVE it.  This little guy might give the bride a run for her money on the big day!

August 17, 2011

Beach Robes!

Remember Dana's Beach Robe pattern??

Got mine all sewn up!

Yeah, the picture stinks....but the robes are rediculously cute!  They come together really quickly, except for the bias tape of course.  And they work great keeping us toasty warm on cool days at the pool!

August 16, 2011

Back in the game!

We're back from vacation after trip after vacation, and I have been sewing furiously!  So furiously that I haven't really been able to even think about posting!  I have lots of fun projects to show you, but for about a picture of lunch?

I LOVE tomatoes.  I love it when they are in season and I can eat tomato sandwiches followed by tomato salads followed by plain ol' tomatoes.  Then I take the leftovers and can those.  When I run out of energy to can them up.....we make marinara sauce.  I LOVE me some fresh tomatoes.

You know what's really good with tomatoes?  Avocado and cheese, on homemade bread......YUMMY!