January 30, 2012

Quick little case

Gotta love those 15 minute projects.

My husband asked me to make him a little carry case for his Sansa Clip mp3 player and his headphones so they don't get lost in his gym bag.

And yes, I realize my stitching on the sides isn't parallel.  I blame the presser foot.  And my laziness about changing it to one that wouldn't catch the sides of this case.  This, my dears, is why I don't sell what I make.  Because then I'd have to rip out the seam and change the presser foot.  Which I'm SO not interested in doing!

January 27, 2012

Matching Robes

Another of Miss A's (and Baby A's) Christmas gifts included a matching robe set.  I snagged some fun purple (Lady A's current favorite color) flannel when JoAnn had their black friday flannel sale.  They turned out SO cute!

I used patterns for both robes:
  Simplicity 5931 for the big girl (I keep promising the hubs a robe too.  Someday.)
  Simplicity Crafts 5276 for the doll

Both patterns were pretty simple, except for the collar.  It did take me a few minutes to figure out what they were talking about there.

I love the idea of matching doll/kid things.  Miss A LOVES the doll stuff I make her.  So far she's completely uninterested in wearing anything I make for her....except her Tinkerbell Dress.  Pics on that forthcoming.

January 20, 2012

Sleepover Pillowcase

Although I admit to being in my annual post-Christmas "I-don't-wanna-sew-anything" mood, I did manage to put together a birthday present.  What's great about this project is that it used up a TON of smaller prints I had laying around.  I don't have a bunch of boy prints (why are girl prints so much easier to buy??) so I had to piece several together to make the top border piece.

The pattern is from A Lemon Squeezy Home.....I give you my version of the Sleepover Pillowcase...

I love this pillowcase!  It turned out so cute, and the zipper pocket was a great idea.  I didn't have a 12" zipper on hand, but my 9" zipper works just fine.  I used a super soft green minkee as the body fabric, and instead of a button at the top of the pillowcase, I used velcro. 

What a great thing for a kid to take on a sleepover.  It'd fit a pillow, jammies, stuffed animal, book, small blanket....there's a TON of room in this pillowcase.  And the side handle makes it easy to carry.

And really, how happy are my little multi-colored froggies??? 

January 16, 2012

T-shirt Quilt (mini Tutorial)

One more t-shirt quilt FINISHED!

I have been promising the hubs a t-shirt quilt for a good 5 years now.  Imagine his surprise on Christmas when I actually had it done!

Assuming you have a basic knowledge of quilting....here's how I use t-shirts to make a quilt the easy way:

1. I cut apart all the t-shirts I'd like to use.  If there is a small patch on the front or sleeve of the t-shirt I want to save, I will cut that out too, and applique it to one of the quilt blocks later.

2.  Based on the t-shirts, determine what size you want your blocks.  I prefer to make all the blocks the same size, so the quilt is easiest to put together.  Usually this means the blocks are 12 to 13 inch squares for adult size t-shirts.  I determine the size of the blocks by using the largest t-shirt image.  Sometimes you'll have to add a strip or two of fabric to a small shirt - no big deal.  They sew up quick and easily.

3.  Cut all the t-shirts into blocks.  Cut the same number of squares out of interfacing.  I get the Pellon interfacing you can get by the bolt (10 yards for $9.99 - or even cheaper with a coupon at JoAnn's).  It takes me the better part of a bolt to make one quilt.

4.  Iron the interfacing to the t-shirts.  USE A PILLOWCASE (or other piece of cotton fabric) BETWEEN THE IRON AND THE T-SHIRT or you will melt the printing on the t-shirt.  I learned that the hard way.  If you have any patches, iron interfacing onto the patch as well.

5. If you have any patches to sew onto the blocks, go ahead and do that now while they're all in pieces.  It's much easier than negotiating the whole quilt top.

6. Lay the blocks out and decide how you want the quilt to look.  I try to balance the light and dark blocks, but really - it's a memory quilt, so you can't go wrong.

7. Sew her up!  I use a normal needle.  The interfacing will help keep the blocks from stretching (dang knits!!!).  I sew the blocks into rows, then sew the rows together.

8. For my husband's quilt, I quilted it by sewing along the seam lines, then on either side.  I did that both horizontally and vertically, and used invisible thread on the top.  I also swear by my walking foot.

9. And since he's (obviously) a Virginia Tech Hokie, I used orange flannel as the backing.  I left it a bit larger than the quilt top, and folded it over the edge to bind it.  I did it ALL with the machine.  I really don't like quilting by hand at all, if I can help it!

I love how his quilt turned out!  Now if I'd only work on mine.  But really, when do we sew for ourselves???  Not often enough.

January 12, 2012


I apologize for the haitus!  I have completed many projects, but between Christmas, the stomach flu, and a trip to Disney World, I simply haven't had a chance to post any of them.  I promise to get them posted in the next few days!