August 23, 2011

Little Man

What a blast I have had sewing up this little outfit for my little man!

Thankfully we already had the black pants, so I just whipped up the top pieces.  Tux shirt, bowtie, and suspenders.

For the bowtie and suspenders, I followed this tutorial from Make it and Love it. Shockingly easy, and uber cute.  Gotta love that!

The tux shirt didn't take much more time than the bowtie/suspenders, surprisingly.  I have been hording an old tux shirt of my husband's for just this very thing!  I used one of Little Guy N's button-down shirts as a pattern and went to town.  I put cuffs on the arms, and sewed those great black buttons right onto the shirt.  The shirt itself is sewn halfway up - the top two button locations are actually held together by velcro.  Makin' it easier on Mama!

I LOVE it.  This little guy might give the bride a run for her money on the big day!

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