November 27, 2011

Baby Backpack (18" doll)

Baby Doll A has a sweet new ride...

This is one of the Christmas gifts I'm making for Miss A's 18" doll this Christmas.  It's a backpack for my little lady, that also carries her baby doll.  Imagine my delight when I saw that someone on Etsy was selling the pattern for only $6! 

I mean, who wants to figure out the measurements of the backpack, really?  For $6, I figured it was worth it.  Until it DIDN'T WORK.  Man was I peeved.  All I can figure is that I printed the pattern off wrong (not that there were any instructions about that).  But between that and the fact that the bag wasn't lined (and a few other minor problems), I was pretty frustrated.  It would have been easier if I'd have figured it out myself.  To be fair, I contacted the seller and she is refunding my money.  She also said that she's had tons of other people put the pattern together with no difficulty.  I find that a little hard to believe, because really, if an engineer (who sews all the time) can't follow your pattern easily and make it work.....I'm not sure who can.  PLUS, UNLINED?  Really?  On a backpack (with interfacing!) for a kid?  Not happy about it.

Once I realized where the project was headed, I did put in a quick-fix lining myself...

And added a little pocket on the inside.  I intended to add a little handle at the top back of the bag for easy carrying, but I was so irritated by the time I sewed it all together that I completely forgot!

In the end I wish I'd have done it myself.  It would have been easier, and I would have liked the finished result better.  I'll redesign it if I ever make another one from this 'pattern'.

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