December 21, 2011

One Row Lace Scarf (Knitting)

Knitting + me = LOVE.

I mean, doesn't that just look relaxing?  Rainy day, knitting, drinking tea by the window?

I really am enjoying it.  But I am SOOOOO slow.  Uber-slow.  This 'quick and easy' scarf probably took me a good 30 hours, anyway.

This is the One Row Lace Scarf.  I do like the pattern, and appreciated how easy it was to put together, even if it did take me forever!

Even the ends turned out pretty even...

And there's only one mistake in the whole thing (that I could see).  Don't ask me how this happened, but here it is.  I tried to circle this big stitch in red so you could see it...

And off it went to my Mother-In-Law for Christmas.

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