March 8, 2012


Have you seen these Shape Stretchies?  Over at Skip to My Lou?  As soon as I saw them I thought they'd be great for my daughter's preschool class when it's my day to go hang with the kiddies.

I saved up my JoAnn's coupons and purchased a yard or two, and it really didn't take much.  I cut three inch strips, which was plenty wide, and made 13 in all (there are 12 kids in each preschool class).

The kids absolutely loved them.  I got all 12 children completely riled up with my stretchies fun, and then left.  Haha! Joke's on those teachers who invited me into the classroom!  You know I left that bag o' stretchies with that teacher...

I wish I'd had the energy to make her a nice bag for these babies, but I simply ran out of steam.  I've got a big quilt project I'm working on, along with a few other odds and ends.

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