January 20, 2012

Sleepover Pillowcase

Although I admit to being in my annual post-Christmas "I-don't-wanna-sew-anything" mood, I did manage to put together a birthday present.  What's great about this project is that it used up a TON of smaller prints I had laying around.  I don't have a bunch of boy prints (why are girl prints so much easier to buy??) so I had to piece several together to make the top border piece.

The pattern is from A Lemon Squeezy Home.....I give you my version of the Sleepover Pillowcase...

I love this pillowcase!  It turned out so cute, and the zipper pocket was a great idea.  I didn't have a 12" zipper on hand, but my 9" zipper works just fine.  I used a super soft green minkee as the body fabric, and instead of a button at the top of the pillowcase, I used velcro. 

What a great thing for a kid to take on a sleepover.  It'd fit a pillow, jammies, stuffed animal, book, small blanket....there's a TON of room in this pillowcase.  And the side handle makes it easy to carry.

And really, how happy are my little multi-colored froggies??? 

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  1. What a fantastic birthday gift. I'm always looking for new gift ideas. Yours turned out so cute. I like how you pieced the top together with a combination of fabrics.