April 24, 2012

Tinkerbell Dress

I've finally managed to remember to post pictures of Little A's Tinkerbell Dress!  The pattern is Simplicity 2872.

The wings are removable (Velcro, gotta love it):

The silky fabrics were shockingly easy to work with.  The belt is removable, and it also comes with little shorts to wear under the dress.

The wings use crinoline as their 'stiffiner'.  Between that and the chenille stems sewn into the wings, the wings are supposed to stand on their own.  They really don't.  They're still pretty floppy.  I'll try something different if I end up making this pattern again.  But that's really my only complaint.

Our Tinkerbell Dress worked great as a little bridesmaid's dress, Halloween costume, and now a great play dress!  I see many more fairy dresses in my future!

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