May 3, 2012

Travel Chair Restraint

Hold the phone, I actually finished a project!  This may not seem like a surprise, but I tell you, I am currently working on a traditional patchwork quilt and DANG it is taking for-freaking-ever.  In between all the teeny tiny little pieces of the quilt, I got a few things done for a friend due with a baby.  First up....the travel chair!

I think Bullseye is a pretty good model, don't you?  I have no infants and no toddlers in my house to really show it off...

I like the little dinosaurs.

I think this thing will be great for those times when the little guy (or gal) just needs a bit of support.

1 comment:

  1. I need to use one of these just to keep my kids in their chairs and finish their dinner. :)