June 28, 2012

Doll Carrier

Oh man, I was totally set to whip up my own pattern for an Ergo-type baby doll carrier (like this), when my daughter informed me she'd have none of that, and preferred a simple pouch sling.  Secretly bummed, I went ahead and made a quick little sling for her baby doll.  I sort-of used instructions from Jan Andrea (a great site for DIY baby slings).  Did you know that JoAnn's has Brave fabric already??  It isn't actually upside down....her sling is on backwards in these photos.

I guess it does look pretty comfortable...and easy to put on...

At least I got away with lining it with some white minkee.

I was thinking I should have taken in the sides a bit more, but it turns out Miss A likes using the loose fabric on the edges to cover her baby like a blanket - you know, so her baby can sleep.

Great reward for a 30 minute project!  Now I'm wondering who else needs one of these...


  1. If you are still inclined to make an ergo carrier, I think I know someone who could use one!!! Can email you measurements :)