June 26, 2012

Fairy Wings (or Bug Wings, depending...)

I saw this video tutorial on making fairy wings out of wire clothes hangers from Threadbanger recently and figured I'd have a go.  Of course, with three little ladies staying at our house last week.....I had 5 (FIVE!) sets to make.

I ran out of hangers on the last pair so in the middle you can see my little dude got 'bug' wings.  He didn't seem to mind.

Since these are for little kids, I cut each hanger into two pieces and followed the directions from there.  I imagine for an adult you would want the whole hanger for each part, but for kids half the hanger worked perfectly.

Instead of twine to bind the parts together, I used duct tape.  Worked like a charm.

Also, I used knee-highs.  More than enough stocking to go around.

And, it would have been nice to have ordered some different colored knee-highs, but alas Walmart only had the black ones (or tan) the day I was in.

We let the kiddos decorate however they wished.  They LOVED this project.  I now have glitter everywhere.

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