October 17, 2011

Adult Mary Poppins Costume

Considering the fact that there is no real 'Mary Poppins' pattern, and that this is my very first ever adult size outfit I've made....I'd say it turned out really well!  Turns out costumes are really fun to make!

Please pardon my pictures...but you get the idea!

How To:
I used a pattern for this dress - Simplicity 3723.  I made the dress twice; once in plain white muslin, and once with the lacy top material.  I stitched the dresses together at the shoulder, the zipper in back, and the waistline.

Looking back on it, I wish I had used the pattern for the shirt only, and made a simple circle skirt for the bottom for a more 'Mary Poppins' authentic look.  The skirt in this pattern is too full at the waist.

I added a row of ribbon at the neckline and each wrist, and red bows around the bottom of the skirt.

The red belt is just red satin on one side, white muslin on the other - velcro'd together over top of the dress!
The hat was completely free-form.  I wish I had better instructions for you, but really I just fudged it.

I learned a lot, but in the end I'm really happy with the outcome of my first costume.  You can bet I'm wearing this baby ALL day on Halloween!  Mama worked hard!

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  1. Your Mary Poppins costume turned out awesome! Did your sister love it?