February 12, 2012

Valentines 2012

Gotta love a $2 valentine project.  $2 for all 22 of my kids' classmates.  Wahoo!

Well, $2 for the little bag of Target dinosaurs (located in the Valentine section at Target).  Everything else I had.  I had my big kid write out "ROAR" and scanned it into the computer.  I added the explanation 'That's DINOSAUR speak for Happy Valentine's Day' and printed it out on cardstock.  The other side of the valentines have my kids' pictures along with "Love A" or "Love N". 

Miss A helped me sew up one of the pieces of (folded in half) cardstock but quickly lost interest.  It probably took me about an hour (between playing games, reading books, making snacks, and answering questions) to sew up the other 21.

Both kids' classes are primarily made up of boys, so I figured dinosaurs were a sure-fire win for valentines day.

Pretty cute, right??

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