June 3, 2011

Alterations Part II

Between all the pool time and the last day of preschool activities this week, I actually did manage to squeeze a bit of sewing in!

The little man has three 'updated' tank tops (why bother holding on to long sleeve t-shirts when there's no way they'll fit in the fall??).

I got my jeans re-fitted.

I took in my pretty grey long sleeve shirt I've been hanging onto for a year now.  Yikes.

I took in my new Target dress, which I LOVE!  And ya can't even tell I fiddled with it.

I took off an inch or two from each side seam and took in a bit at the dart.

And I did manage to remove the zipper from the back of this pretty little hot pink dress.  It did ruin the zipper though, so I'll have to head to JoAnn's before I get a chance to take this dress in and sew it back up.  Well, that, and figure out how to install a real zipper....on a real, pretty dress.  Oh boy.

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