June 24, 2011

The Craft Blog World

About 18 months ago I was looking around online for an owl applique tutorial (don't ask), and instead of just a tutorial I happened across the world of Craft Blogs!  I may be sheltered, or maybe it's having 2 babies 17 months apart....but whatever it is, I had no idea all this fabulous info was out there.  I fell in love. 

I found the owl applique I was looking for at Lil Blue Boo.  What a cute and simple tutorial!  I made two matching dresses, and they turned out fabulously!  The dress pattern is another Lil Blue Boo, but that's a post for another time.

Since then, I've learned that I can find nearly anything in this fabulous community of bloggers.  And the folks who put the info out there are so talented and share their creations so freely.  What a wonderful thing - a community of folks who share and share alike!  Imagine if that was the norm!

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