April 18, 2011

Amy Butler's Style Stitches

A while back I stumbled upon this Amy Butler's Style Stitches sew-a-long.

I'm not the biggest Amy Butler fan, but I really think it's just because her fabrics are a bit much for me.  After seeing some of the gorgeous photos of her Cosmo Bag (the first bag in the book) done in some non-Amy fabrics, I fell in love and went out to buy the book right away (Amazon link here).

The book really is fabulous.  Out of 12 bags (including several options), there are only one or two bags in the book I don't like.  I have a girls' trip coming up and just knew that the Cosmo Bag would do me right out and about with the ladies.

And so, I set to work.  There are a LOT of pieces to this bag, people.  A - LOT.

It took a while to put together, but I absolutely love the bag.  I wish I had added a large zipper pocket to the inside, but I simply didn't have the energy at the time and just wanted to finish putting this thing together.  I did add a little keyring to the inside of the bag so I could tether a small change purse....otherwise there's really no safe place to secure a wallet (or anything else you don't want lost in the depths!).  It turned out cute, no?

I will say that I should have followed Amy's directions on sewing the front pleats.  She tells you to fold and sew them one at a time....of course I tried to cheat and fold them all, pin them, then sew at the same time.  I never could get it to lie correctly! 

I also wished I'd chosen a different type of heavy-weight red fabric for the accents.  I chose duck cloth, and since I wanted to use black thread throughout the project, I learned that you can REALLY tell when the stitching isn't perfect.  And it's impossible to get perfect on duck cloth because the dang stuff is so thick and stiff.  Ah well, lesson learned.

I thought about working on this little number next...Project number 7:  The Key Keeper Coin Purse.

Except I realized I needed a bigger 'wallet' for my travels and settled on the Gathered Clutch from Noddlehead.  More on that another day!


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