April 25, 2011

Princess and the Pea

How totally adorable is this idea for The Princess and the Pea:

Another one is here:

You know I had to come up with my own version!  I will tell you, the book really is fabulous and fun to read.

Little Lady A aquired an 18" doll at Christmas, so rather than make a whole new doll (and you know I had to restrain myself there!), I made her 18" doll a Princess and the Pea dress. 

This was part of her Easter gift (hence all the eggs you see in the background of this picture).

I made the 12 mattresses out of leftover fabrics, and I tried to use the wildest fabrics I had.  I used a piece of batting in each mattress to make them a little thicker.

The dress is mostly put together using this Disney Princess Simplicity dress pattern.  The skirt is altered a bit, but not much.

I hear that once girls hit the pre-teen years they become uber-fascinated (obsessed?) with the American Girl dolls.  I'm hoping that by having a few things made already that will fit those dolls I'll (hopefully) be a bit ahead of the game!

Have a great week everybody!

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  1. You know what is weird is I had a dream I made something like this. I haven't of course. It turned out super cute.