April 14, 2011

Hanging Book Sling

Mission:  Use your fabric.
Project:  Hanging Book Sling.

After our move, I became slightly embarrassed by the sheer amount of fabric I have accumulated.  I wouldn't call it a 'problem' exactly....but really, enough is enough.  In our new house I just don't have the space to hide store it like I used to.  My goal these days is to use up what I have.  I thought a great way to work on that is by making a book sling.

I pulled out an old bed sheet in good condition - that even matched the kids play space!  And set to work.  The tutorial was very easy to follow.  For the hanger, I purchased a double curtain rod from Walmart.  Doesn't get much easier to hang than that (much to my husband's delight)!

Since the fabric was plain, I pulled out the Cricut and cut a 'BOOKS' freezer paper stencil (we can talk about doing that another day - so easy....no sewing required!).  But....look at what a mess I made with the fabric paint!  Aaargh.

Thankfully I have a very talented friend who suggested I add a bookworm to the sling to cover the paint spill...if I'd have known I was adding the worm I would have left it at 'BOOK' instead of 'BOOKS'.  Oh well!

Great use of a big piece of fabric, and a wonderful way to clear out a bookshelf to make room for...more toys?

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