April 21, 2011

Gift for a Preemie

Every now and then I get to work on a project that just seems really meaningful.  Really heartfelt.  I love making gifts for people in general...I think it's a fantastic way to show friends and family that I care about them.  Taking time to think up something uniquely for that person and using the time and energy to make it...that's precious.

Recently I was able to make a gift for a friends' sister who gave birth to a perfect little girl, but several months early.  I hope this blanket and hat set warmed her heart!

I used a Make It and Love It tutorial for this project.  She had some really good advice about sewing the rib knit around the outside of the blanket, but honestly I felt like the rib knit was a little bulky for just a single layer knit blanket.  BUT it sure did turn out cute, right?  Not as cute as little miss Elliot though, I assure you!

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