April 19, 2011

Gathered Clutch

Have I mentioned yet how much I love Anna over at Noodlehead?  She has a fantastic blog and I love just about every one of her projects.  One of my favorites is her Gathered Clutch.  I made one for a friend a while back, and really didn't want to give it up....

So when I wanted to make a little something for myself to match my new Cosmo Bag, I pulled out the ol' tutorial and had at it.  And I LOVE it.

Here's the back:

I added a small ribbon onto the zipper so it'd be easier to open if my hands are full....like in the middle of a fabric store when I've got two kiddos hanging on me...and a keyring so I could attach it to a ring I sewed into my Cosmo Bag.  Loving this set!


  1. love them! great pics, and the clutch with the bag is totally awesome. :)

  2. Love the clutch and the bag. Wish you lived closer. Need more sewing lessons...