April 9, 2011

'Close Enough' Tinkerbell Shoes

It's absolutely true that you can do almost anything with ModPodge.  I LOVE that stuff.  I recently stumbled across this Tinkerbell Shoes Tutorial from Wildflowers & Whimsy and couldn't resist.  We already had a pair of plain green shoes (clearance rack at Walmart!  ALRIGHT!) so we got right to work with the glitter and the ModPodge.  The little white ball was superglued on - I seriously have no idea how on earth you'd really be able to sew a stitch through the finished glitter/ModPodge/sneeker to sew it on - those shoes are pretty stiff!

Little Lady A was so excited about her Tinkerbell Shoes I had a hard time convincing her to take them off for naptime!


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