May 17, 2011

18" doll diapers

Of course you know our 18" doll gets a ton of, slowly but surely I have been trying to sew up a few things for her.  On the docket last week?  Doll diapers.  My little man is still in diapers, but I tell you, those size 4 Huggies really don't fit the little lady's doll.  NOT. AT. ALL.

I found this idea over at 2 Little Hooligans.  I drew up a pattern and got sewing.  My motivation after my girls trip last weekend has been a bit lacking, so although they probably could have been whipped up in an evening, it ended up taking me the better part of the week.

I think our baby doll looks pretty happy with them, don't you?

I made four diapers in all. 

Here's a picture of the template I used....I'm hoping you'll be able to simply print it off as an 8.5 x 11 'photo' if you have the same type of doll I have.  At least, that worked for me.  Check it out before you cut!

Next up?  Wipes.  Hopefully that really WILL be just an evening adventure, since the wipes themselves don't even need to get sewn if I use some leftover fleece.

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  1. Love these. M's only doll diaper ended up going through our washer and dryer. Oops! Need to make some for her...This is going on my to-do list!