May 11, 2011

Baby shower gifts

Around the time little lad N was born, two friends of mine were also due with babies (remember the diaper cakes?).  Along with the taggies, I also gave each friend a few baby legwarmers (LOVE me some babies in legwarmers!) and a ring sling.

The baby legwarmers are just too cute....and easy!  I found a tutorial online for you if you want to try it yourself - I didn't do mine exactly like this but I belive this way might be a bit easier than how I did it anyhow.  You can always find cute knee socks at Target.  I really got into baby legwarmers when I was cloth diapering Miss A.  More on cloth diapers another time!

I have made several ring slings since falling in love with mine when Miss A was an infant.  It's really just a big rectangle of fabric, hemmed on all sides.  The rings I purchased online at SlingRings.  You can find instructions for practically any baby carrier online at Jan Andrea.

All this baby writing is making me want to sew up something for a newborn!  Somebody out there give me a little munchkin to spoil!

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