May 26, 2011

Coffee Cozy

Since it's the end of the school year and apparently everyone but me is doing something super special for their kids' teachers, I figured I'd show you the little thing I made up for Miss A's teachers at the holidays.

I learned that both of her preschool teachers are big Starbucks fans (well, who isn't?), so I made them each a reusable coffee cozy.  I was given a fabric cozy by friends several years ago, and I keep it in my purse at all times so I can whip it out whenever the need arises (which it does, and frequently)....very James Bond of me, don't you think?  And hey, I figure I'm doing my part in not throwing out one of the cardboard ones each time I get a drink.  I love mine on cold and hot drinks.  It gets lots of use.  Perhaps I should make myself one, come to think of it....

ANYHOO, these are rediculously easy to make.  I took one of the Starbucks cardboard cozies (probably a few years ago now - I think the newer ones are quite a bit smaller.  Kudos to Starbucks for reducing their waste), and traced it to make a pattern.  The ones I make are simply two pieces of fabric with a layer of batting in between.  They're reversable, which is fun.  I used velcro to hold it together so it fits nearly any cup.

For the ones I made the Little Lady's teachers, I embroidered an apple (corny, I know, but it matched the fabric) and the phrase 'I touch the future'. 

Cute, right?

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