May 3, 2011

Rag Knitting

Knitting has always appealed to me.  My grandmother used to knit.  Of course, my other grandmother used to crochet - but for whatever reason, crochet never caught my eye.  I like the look of a knitted item better.  And I like the two needles in my hands.

Shortly before the birth of my son, I took it upon myself to take one of JoAnn Fabrics Knitting 101 classes in the hope that I would learn enough to knit up a little blanket for my gender-to-be-determined newborn.  All throughout the pregnancy I thought he would be a 'she' - so I purchased some blue yarn and figured I'd set to work just in case I had a real shock in the delivery room and 'she' turned out to be a 'he'.  We never did learn the gender of either of our babies before delivery, so it wasn't a huge surprise when the baby turned out to be a 'he'.....but still!

I never did get around to knitting something up for him.  There are only 17 months between these two munchkins.  Need I say more?

Anyhow, I did finally knit something out of that soft, blue yarn.  A scarf.  I'm sure I knit it completely wrong, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

After browsing a bit on Ravelry, I settled on this Rag Doily Rug for my second project.  So far, I really like knitting with big needles - chunky knits!  Yay!  And I loved the idea that I could use up some of my fabric to make a rug.

So, I set to work cutting up my fabric per the instructions.

I had to cast on and then completely unravel the project four times before getting to this point.  The good news is that I definitely now know how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, yarn over, and slip stitch.

I'm pretty excited to watch this baby turn into something recognizable!  Once I finish it I think I'll try knitting something 'in the round'.  Surely I can figure that out, right?  Maybe I should wait until I see how this project turns out before I get too ambitious....

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  1. How funny that you posted a knitted project today. I put a knitted project and then complained about one that I knitted in the round and had it all twisted up. I can't wait to see how your rag doily rug turns out.